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RAM (Random Access Memory) is the space that your Windows Operating System (XP or Vista) works in, not to be confused with Storage Memory (Hard Drive) where your data & programs are stored.

Not giving Windows enough RAM is like you working on a very small desk - some of your work falls on the floor! (for Windows the RAM overflows to the page file on the Hard Drive which is slower)

Yes! we can add more RAM to your PC *

Yes! we can speed up your PC with extra RAM.

Yes! we can setup your RAM Pagefile on your Desk PC or Laptop.

Our PC Technician can come to your site to fix your PC RAM anywhere in Wellington City in the Southern and Eastern Wellington Suburbs - From Te Aro and Aro Valley to Seatoun (Suburb list below).

To request a non-urgent repair from Computer Troubleshoters Wellington South please email us and we will respond to arrange your repair.


For urgent service requests please phone our workshop between 8am and 8pm.

(04) 973 2082

If our tecnical staff are out on a service call please leave a message or phone John direct on

021 86 99 07

(I have been having some issues with Vodafone reception in some suburbs so I apologise in advance for missed calls or calls cutting out)

RAM Notes

Every year RAM technology Speed and Capacity has improved which means there is a huge variety of RAM available plus there is also a difference between Desk PC (DIMM) RAM style and Laptop (SODIMM) RAM pin layout.

This means an old PC motherboard can not use current RAM chips. For example older RAM may be called DDR333 or DDR400, Newer RAM may be DDR2-667 or DDR2-800, and the fastest RAM may be labelled DDR3-1600 (where the number is related to the speed that your CPU can access the RAM - bigger is better!)


Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South travel to your site to Fix your PC in these New Zealand suburbs:

Te Aro, Wellington & Mt Victoria, Wellington & Oriental Bay, Wellington & Roseneath, Wellington & Aro Valley (South side), Wellington & Brooklyn, Wellington & Kowhai Park, Wellington & Vogeltown, Wellington & Mornington, Wellington & Kingston, Wellington & Mt Cook, Wellington & Newtown, Wellington & Berhampore, Wellington & Owhiro Bay, Wellington & Happy Valley, Wellington & Island Bay, Wellington & Houghton Bay, Wellington & Melrose, Wellington & Southgate, Wellington & Hatatai, Wellington & Evans Bay, Wellington & Kilbirnie, Wellington & Lyall Bay, Wellington & Rongotai, Wellington & Strathmore Park, Wellington & Mirimar, Wellington & Seatoun, Wellington & Maupuia, Wellington & Shelly Bay, Wellington & Scorching Bay, Wellington & Karaka Bay, Wellington & Worser Bay, Wellington & Breaker Bay, Wellington.


YES, you can drop off your Desk PC or Laptop for repair at our workshop in Brooklyn, Wellington

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