Yes, Computer Troubleshooters can help you with:


Yes! we can recover your deleted PC files *

Yes! we can recover data from your failed Hard Drive **

Yes! we can recover Hard Drive data from your Desk PC or Laptop.

Yes! we can recover Hard Drive data from your MAC OS X computer.

Yes! we can repair your HD Partition and reinstall Windows XP/Vista/7/8/***

( *, **, *** > see Data Recovery Notes below)

Our PC Technician can come to your site to check your Hard Drive anywhere in Wellington. Data Recovery can take 2 to 24 hours and is most efficiently done over night at our workshop were we only charge for the actual time spent interacting with the drive.

Data Recover is allways URGENT! Please phone Computer Troubleshoters Wellington South using the numbers below.


For urgent service requests please phone our workshop between 8am and 8pm.

(04) 973 2082

If we are out on a service call please leave a message or phone John direct on

021 86 99 07


* Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South have an excellent success rate at recovering deleted files as soon as they are lost and data from hard drives that Windows can no-longer see (taking approximately 2~4 hours chargeable time)
Please be aware that the sucess rate reduces when new data is copied over the deleted file - do not save this page or download any new software as it may over-write your missing data!
Try looking in your "Recycle Bin" for your missing file and if it is not there switch off your PC (pull out the power cable & remove Laptop battery) and call us!
There is a posibility that your Hard Drive has a physical (rather than software) fault where the data may only be recovered by opening your sealed hard drive in a controlled environment and placing the data holding disk into a known working identical drive. This is very expensive $1000 ~3000 and still may not recover all data. Physical damage includes electrical faults with the controller circuit or the read/write heads - the drive may make a regular clacking noise.

** Please turn off your PC at the wall (remove Laptop Battery) as soon as you receive the first error message indicating that windows can't read your hard drive.

*** You will need to have the XP or Vista Product key# label on your PC case or on the CD cover plus the product key & installation disk for any other purchased software such as MS Office.

To reliably recover all data and repair your PC Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South recommends that you:
  • Make a note of the Product Keys for all licenced software especially Microsoft software
  • Keep the original software installation disks (or a known working copy) available, including the PC's Motherboard & Video card hardware Drivers (Recovering these drivers from a similar PC or from the manufacturers site on the Internet may add 1~2 hours to the cost of a total hard drive rebuild.
  • Make a remote copy of the installation files of any downloaded software
  • Where your PC has a "Recovery Partition" on the hard drive and no software disks - make any optional Recovery Disk's before you store data on that PC.
  • If you do not have Licence Keys and Driver disks for your PC then call us now (before any hard disk problem) so we can extract your key numbers and make a copy of your PC drivers.


Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South recommends regular data backup to a hard drive that is separate from your Windows Operating System (XP Home, XP Pro, Win 2000 or Vista)

We think that you should do a Full Hard Drive Backup monthly:
  • Put a copy of your Documents & Settings folder on a USB or eSata connected remote Hard Drive
  • Start windows in Safe Mode (push F8 on boot up), log in as administrator and simply copy your complete Documents & Settings folder to your backup drive
  • The most important data is in the folder named the same as your regular Login Name
  • Save a copy of your Registry folders or make a copy of your Windows Folder
Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South recommends that you should put a copy of your most important Data files on a USB "Flash Drive" (or CD) that you can carry with you to another PC in emergencies.

YES, Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South's computer technician will travel to your site to fix (or pickup) your PC, Laptop, Netbook, MAC OSX computer for Data Recovery in these New Zealand suburbs:

Te Aro, Wellington & Mt Victoria, Wellington & Oriental Bay, Wellington & Roseneath, Wellington & Aro Valley (South side), Wellington & Brooklyn, Wellington & Kowhai Park, Wellington & Vogeltown, Wellington & Mornington, Wellington & Kingston, Wellington & Mt Cook, Wellington & Newtown, Wellington & Berhampore, Wellington & Owhiro Bay, Wellington & Happy Valley, Wellington & Island Bay, Wellington & Houghton Bay, Wellington & Melrose, Wellington & Southgate, Wellington & Hatatai, Wellington & Evans Bay, Wellington & Kilbirnie, Wellington & Lyall Bay, Wellington & Rongotai, Wellington & Strathmore Park, Wellington & Mirimar, Wellington & Seatoun, Wellington & Maupuia, Wellington & Shelly Bay, Wellington & Scorching Bay, Wellington & Karaka Bay, Wellington & Worser Bay, Wellington & Breaker Bay, Wellington.

YES, you can drop off your Desk PC, Laptop or MAC for repair at our workshop (MAP) in Brooklyn, Wellington.
To book your Computer repair please see our Service Request page for contact details.

Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South is a member of the Computer Troubleshooters New Zealand group and the worldwide Computer Troubleshooters franchise network.
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