What is "Spyware"?

Spyware is malicious software that monitors your use of your PC and reports that use back to a third party over the internet. The data reported can be your online banking account details and password or all of your email contact details. Scary Stuff!!

Yes, Computer Troubleshooters can help you with:


Yes! we can scan your PC for all forms of spyware

Yes! we can remove all detected spyware from your PC

Yes! we can add free software to your PC to protect you from future spyware attacks.

Our PC Technician can come to your site to fix your PC in Wellington City in the Southern and Eastern Wellington Suburbs - From Te Aro and Aro Valley to Seatoun.

To request a non-urgent repair from Computer Troubleshoters Wellington South please email us and we will respond to arrange your repair.


For urgent service requests please phone our workshop between 8am and 8pm.

(04) 973 2082

If we are out on a service call please leave a message or phone John direct on:

021 160 4655

This Cell Phone may be switched off when meeting with a customer - please leave a message or send a TEXT message.
If you notice strange behaviour on your PC such as outgoing data on your internet connection that you have not initiated then immediately disconnect* your internet connection and give us a call.

* Disconnect your internet connection by either:
> removing the cable
> pulling out the power cable on your ADL Modem or WiFi Router
> or finding your internet connection icon (in your icon tray in the lower right corner of your screen - default location). Right click on the icon and select "disable".

Windows Firewall does not protect against outgoing data! That means that once spyware gets in it can send out what ever it likes. You need a good third party Firewall program.

Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South travel to your site to Fix your PC in these New Zealand suburbs:

Te Aro, Wellington & Mt Victoria, Wellington & Oriental Bay, Wellington & Roseneath, Wellington & Aro Valley (South side), Wellington & Brooklyn, Wellington & Kowhai Park, Wellington & Vogeltown, Wellington & Mornington, Wellington & Kingston, Wellington & Mt Cook, Wellington & Newtown, Wellington & Berhampore, Wellington & Owhiro Bay, Wellington & Happy Valley, Wellington & Island Bay, Wellington & Houghton Bay, Wellington & Melrose, Wellington & Southgate, Wellington & Hatatai, Wellington & Evans Bay, Wellington & Kilbirnie, Wellington & Lyall Bay, Wellington & Rongotai, Wellington & Strathmore Park, Wellington & Mirimar, Wellington & Seatoun, Wellington & Maupuia, Wellington & Shelly Bay, Wellington & Scorching Bay, Wellington & Karaka Bay, Wellington & Worser Bay, Wellington & Breaker Bay, Wellington.

You can drop off your PC for repair at our workshop in Brooklyn, Wellington. To book your PC repair please see our Service Request page for details.

Computer Troubleshooters Wellington South is a member of the Computer Troubleshooters New Zealand group and the worldwide Computer Troubleshooters franchise network.
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